Basic InfoEdit

Full name: Dakota Hope Summers

Nick name: Ducky(Dom), Kota (Jordan), Hope (her father)

Gender; Female


  • Jason John Summers - father - deceased
  • Lily Amy Summers-Bretherton - mother - deceased
  • Jordan Callum Summers - older brother - was driven away by the New Humans

Age: 18


Dakota is bitchy. She is often described as a reckless person. She is very daring and sarcastic. She has a soft side, but after the Happening and seeing her parents brutally murdered, she became cold and hard.


She can raise one eyebrow perfectly :P

She loves to swear at inanimate objects

She bites her tongue when thinking

When she is fighting, she hums lullabies




To Dom:

"You're an idiot." "Hey! I'm offended" "It was an insult, you are supposed to be."

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